What Is Live Casino?

What Is Live Casino?

Live Casino

Live Casino is a new online gambling concept that uses live streaming technology to connect punters with real dealers. This allows players to place their wagers in real time and interact with a real croupier, which is not possible in traditional online casino games. It also offers more authenticity and credibility, allowing gamblers to feel as if they are playing at a brick and mortar casino. The best Live Casino sites offer a range of games, including roulette, blackjack and table poker. Some even have game shows that mimic the thrill of TV game shows with a gambling element.

When it comes to live dealer casinos, a key component is the gaming control unit (GCU). These devices are the size of shoeboxes and are responsible for encoding video transmissions. They are placed on each table in a live dealer casino, and they are essential for ensuring that the game is played correctly. Without these devices, live casino games would not be able to function properly.

In addition to the gaming control units, live casino online sites require a server that processes the bets and other information. These servers are typically housed in high-tech rooms that are designed to provide the highest quality of service. Many of these games are transmitted in HD resolution and feature crisp graphics that create a sense of immersion. In addition, they are compatible with mobile devices and PCs, which gives players the ability to play them at any time.

Some of the most popular live casino games are roulette, blackjack and baccarat. These are regulated by gambling commissions and special authorities, ensuring that they are fair to all participants. These casinos also offer a variety of betting limits and options, which makes them attractive to players of all skill levels. Moreover, these casinos are easy to join as they only require a valid email address and a verified telephone number. In most cases, these casinos will then request scans of a couple of documents to confirm your identity.

Besides these standard features, some Live Casino websites also offer unique promotions and bonuses. These are aimed at attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. They can include cashback, deposit bonuses, free spins and more. These promotions are usually tied to specific terms and conditions, which make them more lucrative for players.

Among the most popular promotional offers in Live Casino are cashback bonuses. These are a great way to offset any losses and give players a chance to win more money. These are especially useful for players who have a tendency to lose during long gaming sessions. However, before claiming these offers, it is advisable to read their T&Cs carefully. Generally, they specify the amount of money you must bet to receive the bonus. In some cases, they may exclude certain types of games or limit the amount of money you can win.